Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries in the Asia Pacific region have imposed some of the world’s most stringent restrictions on international travel. As countries around the world have begun to eliminate COVID-related entry requirements on international travelers, the Asia Pacific region has been slower to return to pre-pandemic travel norms. However, that trend has now begun to change, as countries across the region have loosened or dropped their vaccination and testing requirements, quarantine procedures, and health screening protocols. Visa-free travel has also resumed for several countries, representing a significant relaxation of COVID-era restrictions.

Normalizing Travel

Current travel rules for the following countries provide a snapshot of COVID-19 restrictions throughout the Asia Pacific region. While some countries – such as the Philippines and Indonesia – continue to require vaccination and testing for international arrivals, most governments in the region have abandoned these requirements. As a result, travel to the Asia Pacific is easier now than at any point since early 2020.

  • Australia – The Australian federal government has eliminated all COVID-related entry restrictions on foreign nationals. Travelers may still be subject to state-specific testing or quarantine requirements.
  • Taiwan – Taiwan no longer requires vaccination or pre- or post-arrival testing for international travelers. Effective October 13, 2022, Taiwan will also eliminate its current 3-day quarantine requirement in favor of a 7-day self-health monitoring period. Since late September, visa-free entry has resumed for all previously eligible nationalities.
  • South Korea – As of August 2022, visa-free travel is in effect for 107 nationalities. Nationals of Japan, Macau, and Taiwan are allowed visa-free travel through October 31, 2022. US and other visa-free nationals must still apply for K-ETA travel authorization before departure. PCR testing is no longer required for entry into South Korea.
  • Japan – Visa-free travel for all previously eligible nationalities has resumed as of October 11, 2022, including for tourist visitors. Daily arrival caps have been abolished. Japan continues to require entrants to show either three (3) vaccine doses (2 course vaccination +_booster), or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure.  
  • Philippines – The Philippines still requires foreign nationals entering the country to be fully vaccinated (unless they are minor children traveling with fully vaccinated parents). However, foreign travelers who are fully vaccinated and who have received at least one booster shot no longer need to provide a negative PCR test before entry.
  • Indonesia – Travelers to Indonesia must still present proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. However, travelers who have received at least one booster no longer need to show a negative COVID-19 test result prior to departure.
  • Thailand – All COVID-related entry requirements for international travelers have been eliminated as of October 1, 2022.


Travel procedures in the Asia Pacific region have not yet returned to pre-pandemic norms, but they are increasingly trending in that direction. As the pandemic situation improves, it is anticipated that more countries will ease any remaining restrictions on international arrivals.

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