The Indonesian government has announced a mandatory annual reporting deadline for employers of foreign workers. According to the announcement, employers must provide Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower with an annual manpower report no later than January 10, 2023. Submission of the annual report has been required since 2018, but the precise due date is announced each year. Failure to submit the report by the stated deadline may result in fines or other sanctions against the employer.

Annual Manpower Report Requirements

Under Article 32 of Indonesia’s Foreign Workers Utilization Procedure law, employers of foreign nationals are required to submit an annual report to the Ministry of Manpower. The annual report should include the following data:

  • Utilization of foreign workers;
  • Termination of any foreign workers before the end of their employment agreement; and
  • Implementation of education and training (knowledge transfer) for Indonesian counterparts of foreign workers.

Given the narrow window before the deadline, employers are encouraged to prepare and submit the annual report as soon as possible. Sanctions for reporting failures can include administrative fines, as well as revocation of existing work permits and temporary suspension of the ability to apply for new work permits. Please continue to follow updates on our blog, The Mobile Workforce.