On his first day in office, President Biden is taking a series of actions to realize his vision for US immigration policy.  Fulfilling one of his major campaign promises, President Biden has introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill, “The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” (the “Act”).  The Act seeks to establish “a new system to responsibly manage and secure our border, keep our families and communities safe, and better manage migration across the Hemisphere.”  We provide a summary of the bill’s proposals here. President Biden also is taking executive action to reverse certain Trump Administration immigration actions, including putting an end to the prohibition on arrivals from several predominantly Muslim countries and African countries, defunding construction of the southern border wall, revoking the exclusion of undocumented immigrants from Census counts, and enacting a regulatory freeze on last-minute Trump Administration regulations (“midnight rules”).  Please watch this space for more detailed analysis by Mayer Brown of the Biden administration’s executive and legislative efforts.

We also provide a video clip in which Elizabeth Espín Stern, who leads our Global Mobility & Migration practice, discusses the Biden administration’s immigration actions.  Together with Andrew Olmem, a partner in our Public Policy, Regulatory & Political Law practice, Liz discusses President Biden’s vision for US immigration policy and his top policy priorities, including the immigration reform bill and immigration-related regulations the administration may seek to undo during its first days.