The United Arab Emirates’ (“UAE”) most recent five-year multiple entry visa was launched by the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (“GDRFA“) on November 22, 2021 aiming to create flexibility for professionals, especially the employees of multinational companies.  The new visa scheme allows foreign employees to visit their employer in the UAE and stay in the country for up to ninety (90) days with the possibility of extending their stay for another ninety (90) days.

The new visa is limited to businesses having an existing entity in Dubai (or businesses who are in the process of establishing an entity in Dubai).  In addition, the visa allows its holder to perform specific activities in the country limited to business meetings and similar unpaid work activities.  Further clarification in this regard is expected to be provided in the coming days.

To be an eligible applicant for the new visa, the visitor must provide:

  • a passport with six-month validity at the time of submission;
  • a passport-size photograph;
  • medical insurance valid for the UAE; and
  • a bank statement covering the prior six (6) months.