On August 24, 2022, Singapore’s Ministry of Health announced a relaxation of the country’s COVID-related entry restrictions for international travelers. Specifically, as of August 29, travelers who are not fully vaccinated are no longer required to complete a seven-day home isolation period after arrival or complete post-arrival PCR testing. Singapore’s announcement is part of a recent rollback of COVID-19 entry requirements by various countries in East Asia, including Japan and South Korea.  

Singapore’s “Vaccinated Travel Framework”

In April 2022, Singapore launched a “Vaccinated Travel Framework” (VTF) to facilitate the safe resumption of international travel to and from the country. Under the VTF, fully-vaccinated travelers have been allowed to enter Singapore without having to apply for entry approval, take COVID-19 tests, or undergo a home isolation period after arrival.

International travelers who are not fully vaccinated were allowed to enter Singapore, but were required to:

  • Complete pre-arrival COVID testing within two days of departure for Singapore;
  • Undergo a seven-day home isolation period known as a Stay-Home Notice (SHN); and
  • Obtain a negative PCR test upon day 7 of the SHN.

Short-term visitors were also required to secure COVID travel insurance for the duration of their trip.

In addition, non-fully vaccinated Long-Term Pass Holders (LTPHs) and short-term visitors aged 13 and above were required to apply for prior approval in order to enter Singapore.

Updates to the Vaccinated Travel Framework

Under the August 24 announcement, non-fully vaccinated travelers are no longer required to complete the seven-day SHN or obtain a negative PCR test upon completion of the SHN. Entry approval requirements for LTPHs and short-term visitors have also been suspended.

Pre-arrival testing is still required, and short-term visitors must still obtain COVID travel insurance.

To be considered fully vaccinated by the Singaporean government, travelers must have taken at least one dose of Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, or at least 2 doses of AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Moderna, Covishield, Novavax, Pfizer-BioNTech, Sinovac, or Sinopharm. Mixtures and boosters of these vaccines, and recovery from COVID-19 with vaccination, are also acceptable.

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